Poached Eggs
Eggs (as many as you want)
2 tbsp white distilled vinegar
Ramekin or small bowl

Select a pan that can hold 3-4 inches of water and wide enough so that all of your eggs will fit without touching.  Bring water to about 160-180 degrees - it is IMPERATIVE not to poach eggs in boiling water.  Add vinegar to water (this will keep the egg from dissolving into egg drop soup).

Crack egg into ramekin.  Holding the edge of the ramekin submerge into the hot water being very careful not to disturb it too much as this will keep the egg from holding together.  Slowly release the egg into the water.  Do this for all your eggs.  Once you are done take a spatula and gently slide it under each egg to release it from the bottom of the pan.  Again, care is key here as you don't want to puncture the yolk.

Leave in pan for 2 minutes for very soft yolks, 3-4 for a nice custardy center and 6 for well done.  Serve on toast with bacon or sausage and top with Hollandaise (this is the best recipe I've ever found): Alton Brown!
A satisfied toddler dives in!
Up close and personal with your poached egg on toast. Don't forget the sauce!
I tried this recipe about a week ago and found the flavor to be intensely bacon, but with a rustic sweetness that really helped pull the whole breakfast together. We managed to have leftover bacon b/c I experimented on a whole pound, which I used in homemade buttermilk biscuits the following morning. The sugary bacon flavor stood up to the dry muffin taste and we did not have leftovers that morning!

    1 package SBM Bacon
    1/2 cup packed brown sugar
    1 tbsp cracked fennel seed
    1 tsp rosemary (use a tish less if using ground)
    1 tsp rubbed sage
    1 tsp kosher salt
    1/2 tsp white pepper

    Mix all dry ingredients. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. With bacon thawed, lay flat on paper or kitchen towel and top with another towel. Press slightly to remove some of the water. Toss in the spice mixture being sure to coat everything but not pressing too hard so that the bacon releases more liquid which will dilute the rub. Take a rimmed baking sheet and cover with an oven-safe drying rack. Lay out the bacon on the rack. It’s ok if they touch a little. If there is extra spice mix rub it on any strips that look like they could use more.
    Cook for about 25 minutes. Be careful if any smoking occurs as this will taint the flavor.  If the bacon smokes, reduce the temp by 50 degrees and add 10 minutes of cooking time.
    Remove when the edges have a leathery look and are just beginning to curl up. You can also turn the oven off and leave them in if you have other things to finish cooking.
    Serve as is or on a sandwiches for breakfast. Also a great addition to BLTs.
I haven't posted a recipe in awhile because we've been ramping up some marketing strategies for the farm. This includes teaching some cooking classes and putting a weekly newsletter into our patron's hands when we deliver. This recipe was our inaugural recipe for the newsletter and we heartily enjoy this meal in our own home. I know you will too!

Serves 8 fine folks...
    1 package SBMs Organic Rustic Breakfast Sausages
    1 Large Yellow Onion - sliced thin
    I ea Red, Yellow and Green Pepper - sliced thin
    I lb White Cheese like Monterrey or Pepper Jack - grated
    I Package (8) Brat or Hoagie Buns (Fayze’s has some great Hoagie buns)
    8 SBMs Free Range Eggs

Preheat oven to 500 degrees or “broil” setting.

In a pan heat enough coconut (or comparable high heat oil) and coat the pan. At a high heat, add the onions and peppers and a tsp kosher or other non-iodized salt. Sauté until brown and a bit crusty. Pull the onions and peppers out and cook the sausages on medium heat until brown on both sides. Remove and deglaze with 1/4 white wine. When wine is reduced add onions, peppers and sausages back, cover and remove from heat, set aside.

Whip the eggs with a tbsp water or milk and scramble in pan over medium heat with coconut oil or butter until light and fluffy. Set aside.

Lightly toast sliced buns in oven and spread a layer of mayo and dijon (or stone ground) mustard.  Add layer of egg and then the sausage and onion/peppers. Top with grated cheese and place in preheated oven until cheese is just melted. Be careful to watch any exposed bread as it will burn quickly.

Serve with hash browns or grits. Enjoy!